About This Site

If we seek peace and community in the world, strangely enough, lawyers will lead us there, specifically through the restorative framework and movement.    –Peter Block


These data consistently indicate that a happy life as a lawyer is much less about grades, affluence, and prestige than about finding work that is interesting, engaging, personally meaningful, and is focused on providing needed help to others. The data therefore also indicate that the tendency of law students and young lawyers to place prestige or financial concerns before their desires to ‘make a difference’ or serve the good of others will undermine their ongoing happiness in life.  –study on lawyers’ happiness by Larry Krieger and Ken Sheldon  [emphasis added]


We lawyers have a lot of social capital, talents, and skills that can be put to work in the world.  I’ve created this site as the central clearing house for opportunities for lawyers to make a difference.  Volunteer in your hometown (training provided!) or go to exotic places.  We even post some paid jobs for the lucky ones.

I will post opportunities that cross my desk and I invite others to do the same.  [Approval is required.  If your posting isn’t complete, I may need to get in touch to clarify and expand so make sure that the poster’s contact info is on the listing.]

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